Problems With Your Garage Door Opener And Common Repair Needs

Posted on: 30 June 2023

Your garage door opener can begin to strain if the tension springs are not holding the heavy weight of your garage door. The opener may be starting to fail simply because it is older. If you notice problems with the speed your garage door is opening, or you believe your opener is struggling to open the door, it's time to have a garage door repair technician figure out what is going on. The automatic garage door system is fairly simple, but it can exhibit a number of issues that require a repair to work smoothly. You may need a new remote, new tension springs, or an opener replacement.

A Straining Garage Door Opener

Whenever your garage door opener is straining to open your garage door, this needs to be investigated further. The tension springs may need to be adjusted or replaced, as these help the opener by carrying the weight of the door. The opener could be starting to fail, or it can be a combination of both issues. Have your tension springs adjusted and your opener inspected to see if it needs to be replaced.

When Your Remote Doesn't Work

The remote on your garage door opener may need to have the batteries replaced, or the receiver on the back of your garage door opener could be loose. If you can't get your door to open or close with the remote, check that there is power going to the door by using the wall unit to engage the opener. Change the batteries in your remote, and make sure the receiver is attached correctly to the opener. Receivers can become loose because of the vibration of the garage door as it opens and closes.

If Your Door Reverses Direction

The garage door can start to change direction if there is a problem with the track, if a bracket has fallen off, or if there is something in the way. If you have any debris in your track, this will prevent the garage door from moving forward. When the tracks become uneven because of a bend or missing bracket, this can cause the door to reverse direction mid-stream.

Have your garage door system checked for common problems when you notice a problem with how the door opens and closes. A straining opener can indicate it needs to be replaced, while a slow-moving door tends to mean the tension springs are loose.

Contact a garage door repair technician for more information.