4 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Garage Door Is Not Properly Aligned

Posted on: 29 August 2022

For any garage door to function properly, having the tracks aligned is not an option but a condition. A misaligned track is one of the common issues that most homeowners find themselves entangled in and is quite problematic. If your car is inside the garage and the door fails to open, you will likely remain stuck at home. Regular inspections and maintenance will keep at bay such problems. Here are signs indicating you need to have the tracks aligned.  

Slow Movement When Closing 

One of the reasons that lead to track misalignment is when the rollers and the metal track fail to coordinate. Once you notice the overhead door is slowing down each time when closing it, you must have it checked. This is an indication of misalignment. Other reasons leading to misalignment include old age, broken or shattered cables, chemical damage, and poor lubrication of the tracks. If the problem is not rectified early, the situation could worsen. 

Presence of a Rubbing Sound

Any garage door opening or closing is accompanied by a manageable noise. That said, the noise will be louder if the model is an older installation. However, something may be amiss if the rubbing sound repetitively occurs in a common spot. Take note of the part where the noise emanates from and reach out to a professional for more assistance. Any strange noises with your garage door should be a concern unless stated otherwise by a professional. 

Presence of Bent Rails

Having bent rails indicates that all is not well with your entryway door. There will be friction on the rails since the rollers and the metal tracks are not in alignment. In a worst-case scenario, the heavy garage door may cause more bending and, ultimately, more damage. You will spend so much on repairs on an avoidable issue in the long run. 

Spaces between the Garage Rail and Rollers 

The wear and tear of the garage door could lead to some of the rails missing the mark. This is why you should inspect the rails by running your overhead door through once in a while. If you notice any strange movements on the tracks, inspect the issue. If the problem persists, have a professional look into it and perform necessary repairs. 

If you notice any of the above signs, do not hesitate to contact a garage repair professional in your area. You will spare yourself unnecessary stress once an expert diagnoses the problem before much progression and a solution is implemented.  

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