Changes In Operation That Should Alert You To Forthcoming Garage Door Repairs

Posted on: 8 June 2022

Your garage door is not merely an entryway that provides access to your vehicle. Rather, this structure plays multiple roles. For starters, a functional garage door will enhance the security of your home since it will be difficult to breach. Consequently, all valuables stored in the garage are protected from theft and vandalism. In addition to this, an insulated garage door contributes to the overall energy efficiency of your home, as it should protect the interior of your home from thermal changes. With that said, you must be aware of the signs of damage so you can seek garage door repairs promptly. Failure to do so leaves room for underlying issues to become exacerbated, and, as a result, you may have to resort to garage door replacement. This piece highlights a few changes in operation that should alert you to forthcoming garage door repairs.

The Garage Door Is Producing Weird Sounds When It Is In Operation

Admittedly, garage doors do not operate inaudibly. If you have been living in your current residence for a while, you are probably familiar with the unique noises your garage door makes when it is opening and shutting. Any changes to these sounds should be cause for concern, as they could be indicative of looming garage door repairs. Grinding sounds, for example, tend to crop up when the garage door components need lubricating. Nonetheless, in other instances, the grinding noises may not be caused by friction. Instead, they could be indicative of motor problems. Rattling noises, on the other hand, could point to loose hardware. If the screens, nuts, and bolts have loosened, the entire garage door will shake when it is in operation. Consequently, you would have to seek garage door repairs so the technicians can tighten the hardware.

The Garage Door Keeps Pausing When It Is In Operation             

Garage doors are outfitted with a safety feature that prevents them from coming all the way down if there is an object under the doors. This safety feature comprises sensors on either side of the garage doors that function by transferring an invisible signal to each other in a straight line. When this signal is broken by pets, kids, or even objects in its way, the sensors trigger the garage doors to pause. The moment your garage door starts halting mid-operation with no objects in its way, you should be concerned about damage to the sensors. In some cases, the sensors may simply be miscalibrated and you would only need the garage door technicians to realign them. In other scenarios, the sensors could have acquired physical damage that would mandate their replacement.

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