Want An Overhead Door For Your Business? Here Are 4 Tips For Choosing The Right One

Posted on: 7 December 2021

As a business owner, you want an efficient door that will ensure your commercial space is safe and secure, particularly if you have expensive amenities and equipment. If this is the case, you can prevent criminals from targeting your valuables by investing in overhead doors. If it's your first time installing such doors or upgrading from the sectional doors, here are a few things that will help you choose the right door.

1. Invest in a door type that offers fire protection and safety

If your business requires that you work with open flames or hazardous chemicals, you should take precautionary measures by having fire safety measures in place. A necessary precaution to take is installing fireproof commercial industrial overhead doors. Remember that many fire-resistant doors have a low R-value, and they may not be a great choice if your business is located in climates that have extreme temperatures.

2. Invest in an overhead door crafted from durable material

Given that commercial industrial overhead doors are used more frequently than residential options, it's advisable to choose a material that's durable and long-lasting. Steel and aluminum are the typical choices for many business owners. However, if you want a heavy door that can withstand the impact of dents, steel is an excellent choice. Aluminum is a good alternative for business owners who want a door that's easy to maintain and customizable.

3. Know the exact measurements of your door 

A common mistake that most business owners make is not noting down the correct measurement of their overhead door. Compared to residential doors, commercial spaces are bigger, and the door sizes may vary depending on where you plan to install them. So, you need to have the measurement right when searching for the right door type. This is important when talking with an overhead door installation contractor to determine where your equipment will go through. When you don't take such measures into account, you'll block your employees' path, lowering their productivity. 

4. Think about the aesthetics of your door 

The physical appearance of your overhead doors is an important consideration you shouldn't overlook. If you have an urban commercial business like a car wash or auto dealership, fiberglass or aluminum doors are an excellent fit. Glass doors are a good choice for commercial buildings that are consumer-saturated like showrooms, salons, and restaurants. 

Business establishments require safe, secure, and functional commercial overhead doors. However, there are plenty of factors that go into selecting the right one for your needs, and the few highlighted above will guide you in making the right decision.

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