Signs Your Garage Door Needs Prompt Repair

Posted on: 2 September 2021

Functional garage doors are essential in every home. They keep your cars and other valuables safe at all times. Besides, garage doors boost curb appeal. Thus, it's crucial to maintain them to enjoy their function and aesthetic appearance. Here are signs your garage door needs repair.

The Door Won't Close or Open

A garage door can malfunction due to several reasons. For instance, a disconnected switch can lead to difficulty when opening your garage. Another root cause of the issue is a broken torsion spring. Also, the control panel and the door could experience a disconnection, leading to the problem.

At this point, you shouldn't try to open a jammed door. Instead, hire a garage door repair services company. The professionals will diagnose the primary problem and fix it.

Disruptive Noises

Most garage doors open with minimal sounds. However, excessive noises indicate underlying issues within the door. For example, rumbling noises show that the spring tension is loose. If your door is out of balance, you will hear squealing noises. Here are other operation sounds to help you determine a faulty garage door:

  • Grinding: Unlubricated moving parts cause grinding. Also, defective rollers cause noise.
  • Rattling: This noise stems from loose support rails and chains on the door.
  • Banging: Worn garage door panels lead to banging sounds when opening and closing.
  • Straining: This sound points out to a malfunctioned garage door opener and low horsepower.
  • Grating: Typically, bent coils cause a grating noise.

Slow Opening and Closing

Your garage door should open within a few seconds. If you notice a slow response time, contact a professional for assistance. Essentially, the opener or the door could be having a lurking problem. An expert can check the following components to rule out any issues:

  • Remote control
  • Opener cords
  • Rollers
  • Pulleys

If any of the above parts have malfunctioned, your garage door will respond slowly to the commands. The good news is that garage door repair services can solve such glitches.

Off-the-Track Door

A garage door that's off the track emanates from broken cables and rollers. A misaligned door is dangerous to your family and pets since it can fall. You might get tempted to lift the door to the correct position, but that's fatal. You could injure yourself or damage any property nearby.

Thus, you need an expert to repair the garage immediately. When the garage is off the track, you can't open or close it. Thieves or burglars can steal your assets at any time. Thankfully, you can mitigate this risk through prompt repair.