Garage Door Repairs And Improving The Life Of Your System

Posted on: 15 October 2019

When you take care of your garage door system, it is going to last longer. Poorly aligned tracks and loose tension springs can cause unnecessary strain on your garage door opener. Brackets can become loose over time, causing your tracks to get out of alignment. If the door continues to open and close with loose brackets, you can end up ruining your tracks. Check your garage door periodically to make sure the tracks are clean and lined up. Look for loose brackets and replace any that have fallen off. Your garage door opener can last 15 years or more when the system is well-maintained and the opener doesn't strain because of poor care.

Burning Out Your Opener Early

The garage door is heavy. When your opener works to open the garage door, it can't hold the weight of the door by itself. Tension springs help pull the weight of the door up so that the opener doesn't strain. If the springs are not working properly, the opener can burn out. This can be obvious when the door opens very slowly and the opener is straining to do the work. Your opener can burn out quickly if you don't take care of the tension springs.

Take Care of Your Tracks

The tracks on your garage door can become bent easily. If a bracket falls off and the door is used, the weight of the door can cause the track to bend. Keep your tracks in place by checking the brackets on occasion and tightening them as necessary. Make sure there aren't any pebbles or other debris in the tracks so that you protect the wheels of the door too. If a track gets bent, it will probably need to be replaced so that the door works properly.

If Your Door Won't Shut

Your door might not be able to shut all the way if the photo sensors are not lined up. Make sure that both sensors are clean and they are facing one another. You might have a problem with an uneven track, or the limit switch screw might need to be adjusted. If your door doesn't shut all the way, garage door repair will fix the problem and ensure your garage is not exposed to the elements.

Garage door repairs help improve the life of your system. Keep your garage door in good working order by paying attention to small problems and calling for help when you need it.