Is it Finally Time for a Garage?

Posted on: 6 July 2018

Did you buy an older home that has only a carport and no actual garage?  If so, think of those poor people who lived in the house before you did. They more than likely had to made a mad dash into the house during a rainstorm, or simply to get into the cool house on a blistering hot day. Or, you may be building a brand new house and you are still in the design process. For whatever reason that you are hiring a garage builder, from designing a place in the garage where you can store equipment, to selecting the garage door, here are some ideas that might help you. 

The Garage Design

First of all, how many cars will be parked in the garage? For example, perhaps you and your spouse each have your own car that you drive every day. However, add to those two cars the fact that you also own a sports car that you drive on special occasions, say for your weekend dates. That obviously means that you'll need a three-car garage. Now, add to that the fact that you are a do-it-yourselfer who owns a lot of equipment that you use on your different projects. Will you also be storing gardening equipment, like lawn mowers and hand tools in the garage? How about other things, like holiday decorations and off-season sports equipment or camping equipment? In other words, your garage builder will want to know exactly how the garage will be used so that he or she can design it to fit your needs. Corkboard, cabinetry, floor to ceiling storage shelves, and even closets might be a part of the garage design.

The Garage Doors

You'll thank your lucky stars every time you approach your garage, hit a button inside your car, and the garage doors open, giving you access to the garage and then into your house, if the garage is part of the floor plan design. Think of adding another feature to the garage. Choose the kind of garage doors that can be opened by pressing a code on a key pad. You won't have to worry about losing the keys to the garage because there won't be any keys needed. If you have kids who may be entering your house by way of the garage after school, before you or your spouse get home, think of figuring a garage door code that will be easy for them to remember, but hard for intruders to decipher. For example, you could choose the house number of grandma and grandpa's home.