3 Garage Must-Haves For Your Modern Farmhouse

Posted on: 4 December 2017

From a traditional new construction home and historical craftsman to a large and open ranch plan, the various architectural styles available today are endless. Finding one that suits your needs can be overwhelming, so many people are choosing to build their dream home. Considering the modern farmhouse is one of the most popular styles of home today, you may be joining the large number of people building this home of their dreams. Barn doors, an open floor plan, and shiplap may be on your list of priorities, but focusing on the look and style of the garage doors is also important.

The garage may be solely used for storage and parking your vehicles, but its doors will play a large role in the home's curb appeal and value. To ensure they are functional and in alignment with your farmhouse style, be sure to consider these must-haves for your garage doors.

Carriage Doors

When choosing the actual doors, consider a carriage style for your modern farmhouse. These doors are actually available in two different designs.

Choose from the classic carriage door, which consists of two doors that swing open and closed in the middle. If you prefer the traditional style of automatic garage doors, but want the historical look of the carriage door, those are available, as well.

Wood Doors

Rustic elements are common in farmhouse design and this applies to a modern type of farmhouse, as well. A rustic appeal can be incorporated into your garage style using wood.

Wood doors are options to consider for enormous appeal that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. In most cases, the doors are constructed out of cedar wood, which is resistant to moisture. Redwood and cypress woods may also be used.

Wood doors are attractive, but they will require a good amount of maintenance. In addition, they are expensive, so opting for a faux wood door may be a smart option for your home and your budget.

To save money and enjoy the intense durability and beauty of wood, opt for the composite wood doors. The doors are resistant to moisture, rot, decay and can be stained or painted in a variety of colors that will complement your modern farmhouse. Prices average between $1,200 and $2,200 for a 16x7 double garage door, which is a great deal more affordable than real wood doors.


Your doors are important, but the accessories used around your garage will also help ensure the doors are functional and appealing.

To get started, consider simple pieces of decorative hardware to enhance traditional doors. These accessories are great if you want the look of carriage doors without spending a lot of money.

Installing a few pieces of decorative hardware on traditional metal garage doors will add an antiquated look without installing the actual carriage doors. Decorative hardware kits include door handles and accent pieces to add rustic elements to each corner of your garage door.

A wood trellis installed over your garage door is also an attractive option for your modern farmhouse. The wood can be painted or stained to match the trim of your home. Hang ivy or a clematis vine over the trellis to add natural elegance over one or both of your garage doors.

Lastly, consider rustic light fixtures over your doors. Large carriage lights in an oil-rubbed bronze finish will brighten up your driveway while enhancing the rustic style of your farmhouse. Or, choose a black barn light in a matte finish to illuminate your garage door.

Your garage is a key part of your home and family's needs. With these tips, you can find the right door to enhance your modern farmhouse design. For more information, contact companies like R & S Garage Door Inc.