Universal Garage Door Openers ~ Why They Are Ideal

Posted on: 16 March 2017

If you have a garage that utilizes a garage door opener, you may need to strongly consider whether or not you should invest in a backup solution. Many property owners only have one garage door opener. Even if you have two, it might be worth your time to consider investing in a universal garage door option because one day you might lose or damage one. The following information will help you to better understand your options and why universal garage door openers are ideal.


There are more reasons to consider a universal garage door opener than merely having a backup remote. You will also likely appreciate that buying a universal garage door opener is more cost-effective than opting to replace your original garage door openers with options from the original manufacturer. It is important to note that, although your universal model will likely not be a product made by the original manufacturer, it will work the same or better than your original. For example, your new universal opener could be used to open your garage and serve other functions such as activating your car alarm if you opt for a universal opener with multiple frequencies. 

Variable Frequency

This option has a frequency that can duplicate a variety of remotes. The remotes that this option works with operate on the same frequency, but each user can trim or alter the frequency to ensure that their signals are secure. For example, you and a neighbor could own the same universal openers, but slight changes in your frequency would ensure that you and your neighbor cannot open each other's garages intentionally or accidentally. 


This option has multiple buttons. It will allow you to operate each button on a different frequency. This option is ideal if you are looking to consolidate multiple remotes such as the garage door opener, your vehicle's keyless remote, and/or a gate. Each button on this type of universal opener can be programmed to its own frequency for its own purpose. For example, if you have two cars and do not have a gate, you could program it for the two vehicles and your garage door. 

A garage door installation professional like those at the Raynor Door Company is a good resource to use if you decide to invest in universal garage door openers. They can ensure that your replacement or backup openers are compatible with your garage door and correctly configured.